Despite itself, Brexit is making Britain more European than ever.

Looking beyond the Channel As a graduate taking advantage of what may be my last taste of freedom of...

Witnessing the stalwart British spirit restored my faith in this country.

I was born in Germany, I grew up in Australia, but I am also British. My wife is French-American but grew up...

Britain’s got a problem – young people can be the solution.

Young people like me could play a vital role in safeguarding our own futures by keeping Britain in the EU, but we need to act now.

I’m with Hitch – “Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity”.

I didn’t understand it – i still don’t – but i knew my days of sitting uneasily on the sidelines were all but over.

Tradition versus progress: How can we win in the North?

If you’re like me and you’ve grown up in an ex-mining town in the North of England, you’ll feel that there...

EU students in the UK must join the fight against Brexit

There are around 140,000 of us. We may not have a vote, but we have a voice. It’s about time we use...

“Politics is full of cynicism but also of hope”

My political beliefs have been forged across the Atlantic Ocean. In December 2018, I proudly became a British citizen after nearly ten...

Why I care about our EU membership

For me, the EU isn’t only a peace project - it’s also a coming together of nations to share ideas, resources and people. It’s an international collaboration project and a force for good.