Whether it’s Brexit, climate change, or mental health, young people’s concerns are going unheard.

If we speak up, we’re ridiculed. If we protest, we’re criticised. If we take time out of our studies to campaign, we’re told to go back to school. Young people don’t bother engaging in political matters, because we’re constantly oppressed by a generation who don’t seem to care much about our futures.

in 2016 over 70% of young people voted to Remain a member of the European Union. We voted to remain part of a union of countries with shared interests and common values. Since then, young voices in the campaign to stop Brexit were unheard. Our concerns about educational programs and opportunities like Erasmus+, travel and cooperation were ignored. Instead of discussions about the real life impacts of leaving the EU, our elected officials, obsessed with jingoistic fantasies of a time now gone, led our debates with silly nationalist arguments and petty point scoring like the infamous ‘blue passports’.

Young people will now be left to deal with the fallout of Brexit, whatever that outcome may be. The cost could be astronomical and at this point, hope seems to be all we have left. Hope that our Government doesn’t completely desert us, and make young people the latest casualty of a wild political project led by selfish career politicians.

If Brexit has taught me anything, it’s that when it comes to seismic political events, people tend to bury their head in the sand, double down, and pretend the issues won’t impact them.

This couldn’t be more clear than in the climate change debacle, an issue where we do not have the luxury of time. Our continuing efforts to encourage world leaders and elected representatives to take action on the climate emergency have been met with resistance, especially in the United States and Australia.

The UK might have declared a climate emergency, but little action has been taken to ensure mitigating measures are adopted. It took

Photo credit: Nathalia Rodrigues


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